Carbon Grey EP

Carbon Grey EP

Carbon Grey is a comic book mini-series created by artist Hoang Nguyen (Punisher: War ZoneAlien Legion), and published by Image Comics. A comic praised for it's impeccable art and steam punk/diesel punk inspired style, the series follows twin sisters Mathilde and Giselle Grey in a land ravaged by war. Raised from birth to uphold the legacy of the Grey sisterhood, a matriarchy of women dedicated to protecting the Kaiser of Mitteleuropa, the twins struggle to reconcile duty with their own beliefs and ambitions when the Kaiser is killed and a vast conspiracy is uncovered. The official soundtrack to Carbon Grey was released in 2013, with a physical Deluxe copy released in 2016 with 3 remixes of "Dark One" by DJ FACT.50, Steven Olaf, and Cosmic Selector. 

Instrumentation, Vocals, Lyrics and Production by Containher

Liner Notes:

Zima Prishla : This is the song that accompanied the Kickstarter trailer. It encompasses the great feeling of loss that has spread across the land in the Carbon Grey universe.

Imagine women sitting together in the middle of winter, singing together to better bear their troubles. The good days have passed.

The war, like the winter, has razed the land and killed countless loved ones. The women are haunted by memories.

They are left empty, and many feel lost.



This song is about Lady Giselle Grey having just witnessed the death of her Kaiser, and taking a plunge psychologically and physically from the Zeppelin in that dark moment. 

Dark One

This is a song about the relentless hunt for justice. 

Raisa’s Song

This is more of a quirky interlude in the style of old Hollywood musicals, and a bit ironic. It is from the point of view of a spectator witnessing Raisa from a distance in her ascension through society as the long lost princess. There are a few lyrics that allude to her being an imposter with blood on her hands. 


This is a song about Marshall, and what it means to have the power to see moments in time that no one else can, and witness people and events unraveling from the fabric of time itself.

It is about the loneliness and frustration of having a great power that no one will ever understand, and what kind of trauma it might be to live in such a way where one is constantly witnessing lives disappear from existence.